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Designing Behavior

Meaningful impact through human-centered design.

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concept9 Digital Agency

We are a family of nerds, storytellers and builders with a passion for creating experiences that engage users and transform businesses.

  • Social Media


    Social Media Strategy & Workshop for one of the largest producers of yeast and yeast-related solutions in the world.

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  • Digital Strategy


    Employee Engagement and Internal Content - Strategy & Workshop for one of the largest game studios in the world.

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  • Who We Are

    We are a strategy & innovation agency focused on using rapid prototyping and behavioral science to achieve high ROI in the online space.

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    What We Do

    By combining a data-driven approach with human-centered design, we create experiences that address your unique goals.

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    Why We Do It

    We believe that applying empathy to understand your customers is the only way to design truly effective and meaningful sales funnels.

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    • Process
    • Services
    • Human-centered design is at the heart of every service we provide. We often find that innovation is not about what you do but how you do it and with whom in mind.

    • Digital Strategy

      Create an actionable roadmap for your digital efforts that focuses on the right opportunities and keeps track of the right metrics.

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      Customer Journey Mapping

      Use targeted content and persona-centered landing pages to optimize your visitors’ journey through your sales funnel.

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      Search Engine Optimization

      Grow your traffic and gain a more meaningful footprint through technical optimizatipn, keyword research and link building.

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      User Experience Design

      Set behavioral goals for your visitors in order to track segment-specific progress toward key macro-conversions.

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      Web Application Development

      Take your product or service to the next level by offering an online application experience built on lean and scalable technologies.

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      Behavioral Web Design

      Use behavioral insights and persuasive technologies to create a website that speaks to each of your visitors.

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  • Content Marketing

    Top 2 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

    With the new year upon, we’re likely to see a myriad of changes that will affect both B2B and B2C players online. Below we’ve selected what we consider to be the top 2 trends. For each one, we’ve listed what we consider the main takeaways for marketers and businesses who aim to stay ahead of the game. 1. Content Marketing. […]

  • User Experience

    Eye-tracking Basics: What you need to know

    Knowing where users will turn their gaze can give you insight into where they'll put their money.

  • E-Mail Marketing

    Canadian Anti Spam Law: All you need to know

    Long Shadow and Flat Design are the most popular terms you may be hearing about lately.